its so wonderful journal (xelha) wrote in bad_profs,
its so wonderful journal

my Intro to University Writing class

My Homeless Drug Addicted Herpes Bag presentation went well. I got 6/7 on the brochure. We lost 1/2 a mark for not having Canadian quotes. I asked would we have lost marks if we didn't have quotes at all and he said no. I'm disputing it saying we did MORE then necessary and we are getting penalized. He says he'll think about it. Yea you BETTER.

And we lost 1/2 mark for not having websites for more info. I dispute this too because these pamphlets were supposed to be for the homeless and not many homeless people have access to the internet. We gave addresses and phone numbers of shelters and clinics. As well for the homeless people that hang out at the libraries they already have access to tonnes of books. But meh.

For the actual presentation I got 2.97/3 and my other group members got 2.5/3 and 2.74/3 so I kick their asses too. AND I did the brochure and cut up the cue cards so they should give me some of their marks. I hate classes that don't let you evaluate your group members. If *someone* is dragging their ass they should get penalized. boooooorns
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Sounds as though you've found a professor who simply doesn't like anyone to receive full marks for a project, no matter how well done it is. He had to find SOMETHING to take points away for...
i hate group projects and knowing that my grade hangs in their balance.